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The Micky Mouse guide to DIY

Top Guide to ultimate DIY

Would you like to gain useful knowledge from a real handyman that will be here to answer all you concerns. Then this is the best DIY site for you. we have regular changing news feeds that Explain step by step how to start your project.  I will also give details of places to buy the equipment you need and help you save time and money.  Share your projects with other members on the site to gain there perspective of an idea and make your project come to life.


DIY Mistakes that make you look like Goofy.Goofy guide to DIY

When home improvements never go to plan and your wife turns mental where do you turn. I personally head for the bathroom and lock the door. But really I am your new Buddy call me Bob if you like I am here to help you get that Home improvement project going again.


Do you make these 5 DIY mistakes?

  • Never measure up before you cut
  • Hire a paint and decorator that costs you the earth.
  • Flood the entire kitchen when you replace the taps
  • End up in hospital
  • Look like Frank Spencer every time you take on a project


Never Hire a Handyman again and save £££

Hiring a handyman can cost you a arm and a leg or in many cases save one. All jokes aside here at Luxemb name after a band called Luxembourg that made a dreadful song called I hate DIY there are resources to help you tackle tasks better.  I have been working in the trade for over 10 self employed mainly working on plumbing tasks. I am willing to let anyone in other trades to link back to me if there can offer some good useful content. I also worked for Ave Property back in the day for 5 years working on handyman tasks that lead to becoming a plumber.