Interesting facts about leather – fun and educational

Interesting facts about leather We all know what leather is, how it’s used, where it comes from, etc.  But, there’s a few interesting facts about leather you may not have known.  Read on, good reader, and enjoy! NFL Footballs Footballs are often called “pigskins”, but they are made from cowhide.  In the very early days, […]

What is the best leather cleaner and conditioner?

What is the best leather cleaner and conditioner? As you go through life, you’ll collect various leather articles in the form of furniture, apparel, tools and even automobile interiors that will, from time to time, need to be cleaned and conditioned.  There are a lot of leather cleaners and leather conditioners on the market and […]

Best way to clean a leather couch

Best cleaning method for leather couches? You’ve spent a good bit of time researching it online, reading reviews, then you shopped around for the best price and finally plopped down an inordinate amount of money on that leather sofa.  Or, maybe you stopped by a garage sale, saw through the dirt and grime and brought […]

The best leather cleaning brush

The best leather cleaning brush Taking proper care of your leather is important- it’s what this entire site is dedicated to. The one thing that separates the folks that really care about their leather and those that are just going through the motion is their choice of leather cleaning brush.  I’d say there are three […]